Noticias de Philips 9000 en Xataka

TP Vision y de forma indirecta Philips, han anunciado en Berlín el prometido televisor 4K que ellos definen como "de consumo". El modelo en cuestión es el Philips 9000, disponible en versiones de 65 y 85 pulgadas. El primero costará 4.999 euros, mientras que el mayor requerirá de un desembolso de 15.000 euros. unveiled its new 9000 series of ultra high-definition (UHD) Philips TVs. The combination of large UHD screens with 3840 x 2160 pixels (4K), top-notch picture quality features including high-class upscaling and a very attractive price point make Philips UHD TVs an excellent choice for consumers. The range features 165cm (65’’) and 213cm (84’’) sets, which are available in Europe and Russia now. The suggested retail price for the 65PFL9708 is 4,999 euros and for the 84PFL9708 14,999 euros. Ultra Pixel HD engine delivers absolutely realistic pictures The clear, sharp and brilliant Ultra HD picture quality of the Philips 9000 series builds on the combination of a top-end panel featuring more than eight million pixels and the power of an Ultra Pixel HD Engine. The engine efficiently orchestrates the UHD sets’ powerful picture enhancement features. Upscaling Full HD resolution to UHD quality As availability of native UHD content is still limited, TP Vision has identified upscaling features as the way to give consumers the TV experience they expect from an UHD TV even when watching content from Blu-ray, DVD or broadcast services. Making use of the Ultra Pixel HD Engine, the Philips upscaling technology - Ultra Resolution - is able to transform the Full HD pixel information to create a detailed, clear, and sharp UHD image. Further improving native UHD content Picture upscaling on Philips UHD TVs is also beneficial when applied to native UHD content as it further improves brilliance, sharpness and detail rendition. This allows viewers to enjoy Hollywood blockbusters recorded in UHD resolution at an unprecedented quality. Photographers can display photos they’ve shot at 8 million or more pixels on the large UHD TV screen and they will be absolutely bright and sharp. The same goes for native 4K content from the internet such as online maps or Youtube videos. Sensor controlled local dimming provides great contrast An embedded light sensor feeds the Micro Dimming Pro algorithms with information about the ambient light conditions. This allows Philips UHD TVs to dynamically adapt their LED backlight intensity and deliver the highest possible contrast. Precise and sharp picture motion Displaying fast moving scenes precisely and naturally on a UHD screen is a challenging task. The power of an Ultra Pixel HD Engine along with the motion sharpness delivered by panels featuring 900Hz Perfect Motion Rate (PMR)* delivers smooth and natural motions on Philips UHD TVs independent from the source. Exquisite ultra HD images deserve vibrant cinematic sound To deliver the ultimate TV experience, UHD picture quality needs to go hand in hand with great sound. Philips 9000 series TVs have carefully designed tweeters and sub-woofers fed by high-class sound enhancement features for a powerful and vibrant stereo sound sensation. Easy access to new cloud based Philips Smart TV services Navigation is easy through the Philips Smart TV offering, which was expanded with Cloud TV features recently. Philips 9000 series UHD TVs come with remote controls with integrated full keyboard to make inputting text straightforward. A pointing application allows users to choose applications on their home screen easily and navigate through menus and web sites. Broad selection of streaming features Embedded Wi-Fi means that wirelessly hooking up with smartphones, tablets and notebooks around the house is hassle free. Philips 9000 series UHD TVs support Wi-fi Miracast™ and SimplyShare to give easy access to the many photos and videos stored on consumers’ smart devices. Both applications allow users to stream content from their smart mobile devices onto the large UHD TV screen. Again, real-time upscaling enhances the picture quality of content streamed from connected devices to the UHD TV. To push content to other screens, the new Philips UHD TVs feature Wi-Fi Smart Screen and Multi-room viewing.