HP Pocket Playlist

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HP ha anunciado que en el CES 2013 entre sus portátiles, equipos profesionales y demás gadgets, mostrará un curioso dispositivo llamado Pocket Playlist. Su objetivo no es otro que almacenar contenido para distribuirlo entre equipos portátiles. El HP Pocket Playlist es en el fondo un disco duro inalámbrico y portátil pero centrado HP has announced the Pocket Playlist, a device that can store and stream content to up to five mobile devices at the same time. The Pocket Playlist, which can hold up to 16 full-length movies or 7,600 songs, can stream movies, shows, music, and photos to iOS, Android, and Windows handsets using Wi-Fi. The device also comes with a one-month subscription for PlayLater, an app that allows you to record online content for later, offline viewing. While the Pocket Playlist may be a great way to share content with nearby friends, for traveling, or as a way to aggregate content from various sources, DVR for content that's consistently available online may not catch on quite as well as DVR for live television did. A continued subscription to PlayLater is $29.99 annually, and you can pick up the Pocket Playlist for $129 starting February 15th. Vía | Slashgear.